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About the Ensemble

Luminos Ensemble is a Charlottetown-based professional choir of trained vocal soloists who are passionate about small ensemble performance. Formed in 2017 by Artistic Director Dr. Margot Rejskind, Luminos Ensemble’s music has been described as “sublimely beautiful.” The voices of Luminos Ensemble “create an ethereal and spiritual musical experience” that is “thrilling and electric”. Luminos Ensemble strives to redefine the choral experience for audiences and singers alike by presenting innovative and thoughtful programs, performed in a manner that engages the audience as active, rather than passive, listeners.

Luminos Ensemble’s mission is fourfold:

We seek to thrill and inspire audiences and performers alike by creating extraordinary choral  performances at the highest possible levels of artistic excellence.

We seek to present creative and thoughtful musical narratives that evoke passion and give voice to shared human experiences, by programming exceptional works drawn from the entire 1000-year history of choral music.

We seek to support and advance the careers of Island vocal artists by promoting for their remarkable talents to PEI audiences.

We seek to foster a love of choral music, and to ensure the future of ensemble singing, by mentoring students, young musicians, and music educators.

We believe that choral music is at its heart a storytelling form, through which performers and audience can come to understand the heart of the composer; and so we value live performance, and a direct connection between singers and audience.

We believe that musical excellence spans all historical eras, all cultures, all genders, and all genres; and so we program music of all eras, cultures, genres, and by composers of all genders, so as to expose singers and audiences to the very best of human creativity and diversity.

We believe that performing as an ensemble creates an exhilarating artistic experience for the singers that is then communicated to the audience; and so we prioritize the singer experience, both in rehearsal and in performance.

We believe that Island vocal artists deserve to be promoted and supported in their home province; and so we pay all of our artists a fair wage, and actively work to promote their talents in the greater community.

We believe that PEI is rich soil for the development of world-class vocal talent, and so we work to to develop that talent by mentoring young singers and educators, both within the Ensemble itself, and through outreach performances and workshops in Island middle and high schools.


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